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Shoe Brands Take The E-commerce Route to Reach Customers

Accessories, they say, speak volumes about a person. One may wear the best of threads, but if they’re not paired with the right kind of accents, then the whole look is sure to come up short. Worse, it could even end up portraying an image that was not intended in the first place and one cannot really tell in today’s day and age as to where the repercussions of such a false move could be felt.

Women have near endless choices when it comes to accessorizing their outfits. Scarves, hats, purses, hand-bags, jewellery pieces made from materials ranging from precious metals to junk stuff, etc. are just a few of the options available. Men on the other hand, are slightly restricted when it comes to options. Footwear is the one ways in which the guys can really make a statement. In-fact, there is a common saying that one can know a lot about a man, from the shoes they wear. No surprise then to know that India happens to be one of the strongest growing markets for footwear with the top shoe brands in the world being present here.

A thing to remember here is that while the men’s footwear turnover may be to the tune of over 7000 crores, it is not one homogenous chunk. There is a great deal of segmentation in the market, with only about two-fifths of the total shoe purchases happening in the organized sector. Given this scenario, it is really commendable to note many an international as well as domestic brands putting on a strong show.

For example, in the sports wear category, there are players such as Nike, Adidas and Puma shoes that are hot favourites. The one thing they have in common is that each brand has a strong logo powering them along. Nike, with their one swoosh logo put forth a strong argument for getting things done and an undefeatable nature. Adidas with their three towers like logo speaks to consumers that the brand represents strength and the ability to withstand the storms to be faced in life. Puma on the other hand, paints a rather youthful picture, choosing to identify with agility, nimbleness, bold colour and material treatments, while staying quite in-with the times.

Another brand that made quite a name for itself with their innovative products and built-to-last image is Woodland shoes. Adopting the tagline, that their shoes never age or go bad, irrespective of the conditions, ‘Woodlands’ as they are referred to commonly have gained quite a loyal following among customers.

The tech revolution that has swept through the nation and the growth of the e-commerce industry has come as a huge boon for footwear manufacturers. Now-a-days, an increasing number of shoppers prefer to purchase their shoes online. Apart from the endless amount of choices, people can make quick comparisons and hunt for the best deals here. The brands themselves also profit as there’s lesser overheads and they reach their target buyers in a more efficient way, thereby creating a win-win situation for everyone.