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Vans Sneakers, Yesterday – Today

Who knew that a high school drop-out from Boston would start up one of the funkiest sneaker companies in America? After dropping out of school at 14, Paul Van Doren’s mom made him get a job at Randy’s, the local shoe factory. He worked there making shoes and sweeping factory floors. From there the story is just awesome!

Paul Van Doren literally made it from the bottom to the top at Randy’s. With Paul as Executive Vice President, the factory had become the third largest manufacturer of shoes in the USA. One of the Randy’s factories was located in Gardenville, California, and it was losing money in a big way. Paul, his brother Jim and long time friend Gordon Lee were sent to California to turn the factory around. In only eight short months, they did it!

After that project was finished, Paul decided he would take on the challenge of starting a new sneaker brand. Paul, Jim and a business associate, Serge D’Elia, partnered up and moved to Southern California. They set up shop in Anaheim in March ’66, where the new Vans sneaker brand was to be made and sold. In the first morning, 12 people purchased Vans deck sneakers, now known as the Authentic. There were only samples, so the customers had to come back later in the day and pick them up. The shoes were made right in the store. That was the beginning!

In the ’70s skateboarders took notice of Vans style and the trend was set. The Vans #95, known today as the Era, was designed by Stacy Peralta and Tony Alva. The Era has been the sneaker of choice for generations. In ’79, the Vans Slip-On was the real deal, worn by skateboarders and BMX riders across the country. In ’82 Sean Penn put Vans on the map worldwide when he wore Vans Slip-Ons in the iconic youth film ?Fast Times at Ridgemont High?. The rest is history!

You can find over 30 different styles and colors of men’s and women’s Vans sneakers at SoHo Sneaker Shop. Be sure to check out the cool new women’s sneaker called the Wellesley Hi. Visit the website for a fun adventure and great buys. Take off, ride, skateboard, wear Vans!

Improve Your Performance With a Perfect Pair of Running Shoes!

If you’re a runner, you should pick the best running shoes for you to advance your performance together with avoiding injuries. Experienced runners are expected to know the ins and outs of purchasing the right kind of running shoes for themselves, but there are many who make a wrong choice due to the lack of knowledge about their foot mechanics and shoe selection process. This article is written to educate them and the beginners who are also not so well updated with the simple basic rules to select the perfect running shoes for themselves. Have a look at some tips with which you can choose a perfect pair of running shoes for yourself:

1) First of all, you should look at the make and shape of the footwear. If you have stiff foot, you need shoes that provide you better cushioning. A slip-lasted shoe makes the right choice for people with a rigid foot structure. Slip-lasted shoes are the ones that appear as one continuous material with normal stitching around the edges. However if you have a flat foot, you need motion control shoes. Board-lasted shoes are just right for you. A combination of board-lasted and slip-lasted shoes are called ‘combination-lasted’ shoes and these are just right for those who require more cushioning and stability, altogether.

2) When you are in the store to buy the perfect running shoes for yourself, try different pairs. Walk a little to ensure that you feel comfortable. If while walking, you don’t feel comfortable or feel any kind of restriction while moving, try the next pair as it is not the perfect choice for you.

3) You must know your foot mechanics to make a right choice with your shoes. As for a right selection, you should know whether you are an under-pronator or over-pronator. All runners have different foot structure and therefore a variety of shoes are available in the market as per your foot structure. You must have the right kind of footwear to give your best on the track.

4) Ensure that your shoe provide proper comfort and balance to your feet while running. Unless you feel comfortable, you won’t be able to run faster on the track. A snug-fit pair would make you feel comfortable together with providing a better traction.

5) Injuries can lead to a bad performance and so you must take all your previous injuries into account while choosing the right kind of footwear for you. Perfect running shoes chosen considering all essential factors would help you avoid any further injuries.

6) Change your shoes regularly so as to avoid injuries. As your running footwear will last only for a limited time, you should replace them when needed.

Make a right choice with your running shoes by keeping the following points in mind. Don’t overlook any essential factor while choosing the best running shoes for you. Take into account even the smallest details while choosing the right kind of running footwear to make your running sessions more rewarding.

Guides To Find A Good Pair Of Steel Toe Shoes

These days steel capped shoes are big business both from a safety point of view and inverse snobbery as a fashion accessory for the ?punks?. To decide how to find the best pair of steel toe shoes for your purpose I decided to review the ?review sites?

claim to be the ?largest source of safety shoes on the web?. What I liked about the site was its clear returns policy, how to send something back. It demonstrates that it does have a clear after sales policy and the quality matters. . It caters for special needs as in large sizes and wide shoes as well as splitting the sales into male and female. They have a good clearance section, which clearly shows there current offers. The price range is very wide and the selection is enormous. If you can?t find it here then you can?t find it on the Web.

Shoes for Crews deal in steel capped shoes for the industrial workplace. The emphasis of this site is slip resistant shoes, both for the dress occasion, walking and for industrial shoes. There are a wide range of styles and prices but all made by the Shoes for Crews.

Hunts Supplies actually cover more than steel toed shoes they cover work wear including protective hats and leisure wear as well. They have 163 entries for safety footwear covering 14 brands.

Nextag.u.k. have reviewed the steel toe shoes by brands and cover four categories, type material and by price. However this is purely a sales site, as there is a section for ratings, but they are empty. What is good about this site is that they have clear pictures and specifications as to exactly what you are buying. They are all under ?50.00.

Northern Tool and Equipment have over boots and boots by Boss and Cat. They cover all price ranges from $15.00, but the majority of their goods fall into the higher price bracket of $50-$100.

Walkerland deal only in their own brand of walking/safety boot. The boots are clearly marked as to their level of safety standard an example is shown below.

? Goodyear Welted soles that are oil and heat resistant to 300c and comply with CE & BS EN345 standards?.

There is not a huge choice here but it is an easy to navigate site.

One for the Ladies is the Surplus & Outdoors, has army, safety, and equestrian boots amongst others. They have a very clear sizing chart for boots and clothes, which compare the different ways of measuring a foot size in Europe, the States and the U.K. There is an enormous customer care section and it is obvious that their product?s and quality mean something. A beautiful site if you can survive the colour, which is a harsh green!

Rocky Shoes is a review site. It is split into stores, price reviews product reviews. Despite the size and the selection available you can refine your search very easily, which means you spend the minimum time finding your requirements.

Wild chicken online store specialise in ?muck? boots the protective ware that you would use for gardening. They seem to specialise in U.K. delivery, but they do have a modern take on the old fashioned clog the steel boots so popular in the industrial revolution.